What is the hardwood flooring installation process?

What is the hardwood flooring installation process?

When you choose the perfect wood flooring, the next step is to choose professional installation for the best results. It's a great way to protect this critical investment against failure and problems.

As you prepare for your service, we're sure you have questions. So here are some facts about the installation that can better prepare you for installation day.

First comes measurements and estimates

After you choose your products and options, we?ll take precise measurements of all the rooms we?ll be flooring. Then we?ll give you an estimate for both price and installation time.

If you have any questions about engineered or solid hardwood flooring, this is a great time to ask a flooring professional or technician. We?re sure to have the answers you need for any flooring product.

Next comes acclimation

Before installing any hardwood, the materials must go through the acclimation process. Acclimation takes one to three days, depending on the materials, temperature, and humidity levels, in and outside your home.

Once this service is complete, we'll remove the old flooring and prepare the subfloor. If any repairs are necessary, we'll do those before moving forward with the installation.

Finally, we can start the wood flooring installation with all the most up-to-date equipment and tools. Depending on your material choices, this can be followed by staining, finishing, and sealing.

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