Homeowners often ask our on-site professionals about hardwood floors and whether it increases home value. Simply put, the answer is undoubted "yes," and we'll address the main reasons why a wood installation does add value to most home renovations.

High demand ensures ROI

ROI, or Return on Investment, is assured with a wood installation, the primary reason being its mass appeal and preference. Essentially, the vast majority of potential home buyers see wood floors as a luxury. No matter what style you choose, hardwood automatically adds a lot of warmth and high aesthetic appeal. In the real estate market, homes with wood are highly coveted, as they promise elegance, as well as additional advantages such as dust and pollutant control.

Long-lasting material

Although every ten years or so, you'll likely need to refinish your floors, the massive plus in this situation is that wood slats can easily be redone. That means professionals can sand and varnish your planks to protect the wood underneath, thus extending their lifespan. Not only does that mean your installation can last several decades – maybe even a century – with only occasional attention, but you can also change the color of your slats easily for a more modern style.

The “new” appeal

If, however, you're considering a new wood installation, then one feature that's sure to stand out for homebuyers is the fact that the floors are pristine. Nonetheless, even if you choose to redo slats that are already installed, you're still able to offer a "new" addition with the freshly refinished surfacing. The "new" part of the floors will significantly appeal to buyers, as they're often looking for the up-to-date surfacing that won't need fixing any time soon.

Hardwood flooring company

Visit our Custom Floor Solutions showroom in Harrisburg, NC, for quality, durable wood flooring options. From engineered slats to solid hardwood flooring, you're sure to find the perfect look for your redesign. Serving the Concord and Charlotte regions, our experts can help you find the ideal surfacing for your upcoming project.